Marcus Peters successfully boosts his 'Madden' ratings


If there's one thing Ravens' All-Pro cornerback Marcus Peters has in spades, it's confidence. So it's no wonder he joined Bleacher Report's "Underrated" to try to up his ratings on Madden.

Madden is, of course, the gold standard by which NFL players and fans rate the league's stars. So, Peters teamed up with Adam Lefkoe and the Madden team itself to run some drills in order to boost his numbers.

You probably won't be able to guess the first category Peters tried to raise. Not speed. Not awareness. Not agility. But kicking. Specifically, kicking accuracy.

Yeah, we were surprised too. But Peters says you shouldn't be.

"Oh yeah, that's easy money," Peters said when told his first challenge would be a coffin corner punt. "I'm telling you all, [former Chiefs teammate] Dustin Colquitt can vouch for me here. I do this."

Peters wasn't totally lying, either, His first two punts landed within the set up cones, impressing everybody. He did end up shanking his third attempt, and hitting decent but not good enough punts on his final two kicks.

Ultimately, Madden was persuaded. They moved his kicking accuracy up from a paltry 14 to 27, making Peters top 10 among NFL defensive backs. They also surprised him by moving up his kicking power to a 27, thanks to the nice air time on some of his punts.

But Peters makes his money making interceptions, so he was most interested in improving his catch rating.


"The best thing I'm good at is the next one," Peters said after the punting drills were done. "And that's catching. That's easy."

Peters brought along former NFL quarterback Josh Johnson to throw him a few balls. And Johnson immediately defended Peters' hands.

"I wouldn't compare him to corners, because they can't catch," Johnson said. "He's got receiver hands."

He also called Madden's animated footage of Peters dropping catchable balls "disrespectful" while Peters simply shook his head in disgust.

Peters wound up dropping one pass and catching a few others, including a nice diving grab near the end zone, mirroring a play Ravens fans have grown accustomed to seeing.

Madden was impressed here, too. Peters' catch rating had been 81 -- tied for the best among NFL cornerbacks. But after seeing his drills? They bumped him up one spot to 82, which was enough to put him atop the mountain.

An 82 rating may not truly be "receiver hands" but it was good enough for Peters.

"I'm a fan of Madden, and I'm not going to complain about nothing I haven't earned," Peters said after his workout. "So, it's all good."

Peters is gearing up to play his former team in Week 3 when the Ravens and Chiefs square off on Monday Night Football.