Mark Ingram channels his 'first-degree black belt' for this TD celebration


Ravens running back Mark Ingram II went deep into his bag of touchdown celebrations in the fourth quarter on Sunday against Houston. 

After taking a direct snap on fourth-and-one in the fourth quarter 30 yards to the house, Ingram was so excited he threw a few jabs at the Texans' logo against the wall behind the goal posts -- and then tossed in a turnaround power kick to the logo for good measure. 

Though he said he threw some similar punches last season, Ingram said the extra kick made the celebration all the more special. 

"I've punched like the Chiefs logo last year and I was like, 'Let me just put a roundhouse kick,'" Ingram told media postgame. "Fun fact is I was a first-degree black belt growing up. I don't have all the skills I had back then, but I could still do that. I didn’t connect it, but it was still sweet."

Ingram finished with 55 yards on nine carries, a much better showing than his 29 yards on 10 carries against Cleveland in Week 1. But with Lamar Jackson the decoy on this occasion, Ingram burst through the open hole and was more than fired up about the six points. 

That touchdown was practically the final blow against Deshaun Watson and the Texans. Both teams traded field goals to make the final score, 33-16, but it was that rushing TD that put the final result beyond any doubt. 

Ingram's knockout kick proved just that as the Ravens moved to 2-0 on the season.