Marlon Humphrey gives emotional thanks to dad after signing extension


Nobody gets to the mountaintop without help from a number of friends, family members and mentors. That message wasn't lost upon Ravens cornerback Marlon Humphrey, who celebrated the signing of a mega contract extension Thursday afternoon.

The deal will keep the All-Pro CB in Baltimore for the next seven years at least, making him a proud Raven for life, in his eyes.

During the press conference announcing the deal, Humphrey went out of his way to thank a few of the most important people in his life. He was quick to mention members of the Ravens' front office and coaching staff, but it's clear who he wanted to talk about most.

"Honestly, my dad...my dad’s kept me in line," Humphrey said. "Since I was young, I told my dad I wanted to play in the NFL, and he never really let me slip...my dad never just kept his foot off me, decisions, things I wanted to do. He was able to tell me no, and didn’t really show explanations, but as I grew older I was able to understand so much as to why he did those things."

Humphrey knows he wouldn't be in the fortunate position he's in today without his father taking such an active role in every aspect of his life.

"You know, my dad has been so much more than a father," Humphrey said. "He’s actually been my everything for me, along with my mom. And so I really thank him a lot for what he’s done. And I know he’ll continue to be a great father to me. And hopefully one day I can get a family and I can treat my sons and my daughters the way my dad has treated me and my brothers and sisters."


It's hard not to feel emotional watching Humphrey get choked up about his father. Bobby, his father, actually spent a few seasons as an NFL running back, making the Pro Bowl in 1990. So it's no surprise the elder Humphrey knew what it would take for his son to succeed in the league.

As Humphrey mentions, his dad isn't just concerned with his play on the field, also keeping a close eye on his son's financials.

"My dad is still going to be on me," Humphrey said when asked about spending his new money. "Judon ordered a pizza on my account, and he was like 'Hey a saw a charge from Dominos in Houston' so he’s always looking at my financials, so if I do anything crazy he’ll be trying to take it back."

With nearly $100 million set to come his son's way in the next seven years, it should be a whole lot easier for Marlon's father to make sure he's set up financially moving forward.