Marlon Humphrey shared epic Instagram Live on Ravens' flight home


One thing is for sure: Marlon Humphrey knows how to celebrate.

As the Ravens boarded the charter plane home following their dominant 33-16 victory over the Texans, Humphrey decided to fire up an Instagram Live story and take a victory lap around the plane.

Over the span of close to 17 minutes, the Ravens cornerback attempted to quickly interview every single one of his teammates, saying "talk to the people one time." 

Some, such as quarterback Robert Griffin III, used his 15 seconds of airtime to showcase his Black Lives Matter shirt, one he wore pregame as well to help raise awareness of racial issues in America. 

Others, such as running back Mark Ingram, wide receiver Marquise "Hollywood" Brown and cornerback Jimmy Smith, showed off the fancy designer fits and jewelry they had on. Ingram then told Humphrey to zoom in on his feet. The running back was sporting the Nike Air Force 1 'Colin Kaepernick' shoes.

Even Humphrey got in the action himself, showing off his custom three-piece suit, one he said fits him so perfectly he doesn't even need to wear a belt.

Perhaps the best part of the IG Live was when Humphrey attempted to speak with Baltimore's tight end pairing of Nick Boyle and Mark Andrews.

At first, the duo gave the cornerback the silent treatment, as Humphrey stood their awkwardly waiting for them to say something. Humphrey would later come back and attempt to get them to "speak to the people" at the end, but his second try was just as successful as his first.


You can check out the whole Instagram story right here.

The three-plus hour flight back to Baltimore from Houston was a lot sweeter after the win. Hopefully, more Ravens' victories turn into more Humphrey IG Live's.