MetLife's turf, or ghosts, lead to weird sack for Sam Darnold


Early Thursday night's matchup between the Denver Broncos and New York Jets, quarterback Sam Darnold made a tremendous play with his legs, scampering for a 46-yard score.

Later in the contest, Darnold did the opposite. Dropping back, the he ended up feeling pressure and tried to readjust. What happened next made it seem as if Darnold was sacked by an imaginary defender.

Now, there are two theories to consider as to how this play reminiscent of the butt fumble gaffe. The first is that the infamous MetLife stadium turf has struck again. 

The home of the Jets and Giants has been under attack in recent weeks after numerous San Francisco 49ers players were injured while playing on the surface. The team later came out and stated they felt uncomfortable playing on the turf due to the risk it posed.

There's a chance that as Darnold stumbled back, he became the turf's latest victim. Luckily, there was no injury on the play.

The other theory is that Darnold is now legitimately seeing ghosts. The quarterback went viral last year when he was caught on a mic saying that he was "seeing ghosts" against the Patriots when dropping back. The way this sack developed, it does seem like an imaginary figure took him down.

Either way it's spun, it was a strange moment for the quarterback. The Broncos, however, got to celebrate a sack without doing much of anything.


If there was one play to sum up the recent stretch of play for the Jets, it was this.