We have another piece of evidence Justin Tucker is the best NFL kicker ever.

Ravens fans know just how valuable Justin Tucker is. The most accurate field goal kicker in NFL history has wowed fans time and time again with his big leg and stunning precision, not to mention his propensity to step up in the biggest moments.

The only real argument against Tucker as the greatest kicker the NFL has ever seen is longevity. At 29 years old -- he’ll turn 30 in a few weeks -- Tucker hasn’t been in the league long enough to set any counting records.

He’s starting to see the hardware pile up, however.

Tucker wins his latest award after a perfect month of October, which included an OT game winner in Pittsburgh.

Tucker is now the most awarded specialist ever when it comes to NFL Player of the Month awards. In fact, only three players at any position have won more awards than him, and all three are future Hall of Fame quarterbacks.


This is a remarkable accomplishment for someone still in his twenties, playing in the most talented era of kickers ever. It's rare to have a consensus about who the best player in the NFL is at any position, but Tucker makes it easy for placekickers.

The only kicker in NFL history with a field goal percentage over 90%, Tucker still has another decade of his career to continue adding to his numbers. 

But even if he retires early, he’s already reached at least a few marks no other kicker has.