The NFC East is terrible. Here's one way to make it better.


This Thanksgiving season, with travel restrictions mounting and the second wave of the coronavirus hitting the U.S. hard, we could all use something to be thankful for.

So, I’ve got a wacky proposal for you, and hear me out, what if we just swapped the Baltimore Ravens and the Washington Football Team in their respective divisions for the rest of this year?

Yes, I know this isn’t possible for a number of reasons. But let’s just go down this rabbit hole together. What if it was?

The Ravens, after their OT loss to the Titans on Sunday, are sitting outside the AFC playoff picture with an uphill climb to get back into the dance with six wins. The Washington Football Team is sitting a half-game out of an NFC playoff berth at 3-7 along with the Cowboys and Giants while the Eagles are one tie ahead of the other three.

Realistically, who would you rather see in the postseason, Lamar Jackson and the Ravens or any of the NFC East quarterbacks? A beaten and bruised Carson Wentz and an injury-riddled Eagles? No thanks. Andy Dalton leading the Cowboys to glory? Avert my eyes. Daniel Jones stumbling his way to the goal line with a hapless Giants team? I’d rather not.

Listen, I know it’s crazy, but let’s be crazy for a minute. The NHL is contemplating creating whole new divisions as they try to get their 2021 season to a starting point. The Caps and Penguins might not even be in the same division?!?



Of all the years, 2020 seems like the best to just brush off all conventional knowledge and just have some fun. So why not throw one of the league’s most exciting teams (when they are clicking) led by the reigning MVP into the worst division in football and an almost-guaranteed playoff spot?

Lamar Jackson vs Kyler Murray as a first-round matchup? Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. If the postseason is supposed to be a showcase for the best teams in the league, do we really want a sub-.500 team “showcasing their talents” or would an electric offense (when clicking) and potent defense serve up better viewing pleasure come Wild Card Weekend?

There’s a good chance whole conversation is moot because the Ravens turn things around, start clicking again on offense down an easier schedule stretch and earn themselves a berth in the AFC postseason, but if you allow yourself to expand your mind, just this one time with this brutally bad NFC East division, and envision the possibilities that abound with letting a much better option into the playoffs, your eyes might thank you in a few months time.