NFL analyst still has questions about Lamar Jackson

lamar jackson carries the ball on a quarterback run

Remember the guy who suggested before the draft that the Ravens should take a collegiate approach to their quarterback situation and "graduate" Lamar Jackson in order to trade up for Justin Fields?

Well, he's back with more controversial takes about the Ravens' franchise quarterback. 

In an offseason story ranking the head coach/quarterback duos under the most pressure entering 2021, NFL Network's Bucky Brooks ranked the Jackson and John Harbaugh combination No. 2. 

"Jackson has posted a 30-7 career regular-season record and claimed an MVP award in 2019 while dazzling as an electric dual-threat playmaker," Brooks wrote. "But questions persist about his pocket-passing ability after observers watched the Ravens' run-heavy offense fizzle in three straight early playoff exits.

"With Jackson and Co. underperforming in the postseason, the pressure is mounting on Harbaugh to diversify the offense to give the Ravens a better chance of advancing in the tournament."

Brooks isn't wrong pointing out the building pressure on Jackson and the Ravens to make it farther than the divisional round of the playoffs. The Ravens have often relied too heavily on their potent run game and have not displayed enough firepower in the passing game to threaten playoff defenses. 

But in such a list where teams are ranked relative to each other, Baltimore shouldn't even be considered anywhere within the top 15. Brooks even noted how Jackson is 30-7 over the last three years and has led his team to three-straight playoff berths. 


There are teams that can't get out of their own way enough to make it to the playoffs once, let alone put together three consecutive winning seasons. Just ask literally every team in the NFC East.

There are levels to this, and while the pressure is certainly on for this team to win more in the postseason, you can't honestly say teams like the Cowboys, Bears, Dolphins or Bengals aren't facing more heat if their seasons go sideways.