NFL updates coronavirus protocols again as cases continue to spike


The NFL has updated its coronavirus protocols once again as cases continue to spike both across the league and nationwide.

In a memo sent from Commissioner Roger Goodell to all 32 clubs, the league has removed its 62-player travel limit for road games.

Additionally, teams are no longer allowed to hold in-person practices or meetings for the two days following a game, unless the team is playing on a short week (Thursday Night Football, for example).

Players who must enter the facility for treatment or recovery on those two days are permitted to do so.

The two-day, fully virtual plan was first put into place this past week, as the NFL figured there would be an increase in cases following expected gatherings for Thanksgiving. Now, it's here to stay for the remainder of the season.

The NFL remains committed to finishing the 2020 season. To date, the league has yet to cancel any games, although several teams have had their schedules altered due to outbreaks. The memo comes after a week when Baltimore's game against Pittsburgh had to be rescheduled multiple times due to a COVID outbreak among the Ravens and the Broncos playing a rookie wide receiver as their starting quarterback when their quarterback room violated COVID protocols.