Lamar Jackson's MVP season in 2019 was one for the ages. On the field, Jackson created numerous highlights that could all go down as the best plays of the year. In front of the mic, the quarterback was just as electric.

Watching the Ravens dominate other teams throughout the regular season was exciting, but there was the added bonus of getting to hear the players speak at the podium or in an interview after the game. Jackson and his teammates had so much fun in 2019 that the postgame press conferences were another part of the show. Catchphrases, hype introductions and more followed the wins.

Here is a look at some of the most memorable soundbites from Jackson's 2019 season.

"Not bad for a running back"

Entering the season, the biggest concern from critics around the league was that Lamar Jackson didn't have the arm skill to make it in the NFL. Time and time again it had been said by evaluators that he may be better off just running the ball and a different position.

In Week 1 of the NFL season, Jackson quieted all that talk real quick with 324 passing yards and five touchdowns on the afternoon. He then followed up that great performance with an incredible line when asked about whether or not he proved something to the doubters.

"What's up GOAT?" to Aaron Rodgers

During the 2019 preseason, Jackson and the Ravens faced off against Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. After the game, the young quarterback had a chance to exchange some words with the veteran, and Jackson made sure to give him a compliment.


"It was pretty cool. I was like 'What's up GOAT?' as soon as I seen him," Jackson said of the interaction. 

Jackson noted that there are other 'GOATs' in the league as well, but he wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to show respect to one of the best in the game. 

"I hate running"

Lamar Jackson is very good at running the football, but it doesn't mean he loves doing it. When asked about why he prefers passing the football to tucking it an running, Jackson gave a simple answer.

"I hate running, only if I have to," Jackson said. "But you know, my job is to get the ball to the receivers, tight ends, running backs. If I have to run I'll do it, but I rather just sit back and pass it."

The Heisman Backfield

In a win over the Cincinnati Bengals, the Ravens unleashed an interesting play design. In the shotgun, Jackson was joined by running back Mark Ingram III and backup quarterback Robert Griffin III. The three shared one common trait: They were all past Heisman Trophy winners.

Therefore, the option play was dubbed the 'Heisman Package.' When asked about it after the content, Jackson had the same reaction as everyone who witnessed it.

"It was dope," Jackson said.

He wouldn't share the specific name of the play but did note that it was in a package. Maybe this highlight isn't the last time it will be displayed on the field. 

Practicing his spin move

Besides the Heisman play, the matchup with the Cincinnati Bengals also featured Jackson's best highlight of the season. On a long touchdown run, the quarterback executed a spin move that left multiple defenders in the dust.

After the game, Jackson said that he had practiced the spin move during practice the week prior. Asked how he did that, he decided to show rather than tell. 

Responding to Tom Brady's challenge

During a Week 15 matchup against the New York Jets, Jackson was once again showing off his speed. Being that it was a Thursday night game, a national audience got to see him in action. That included Tom Brady, who took to Twitter to challenge Jackson to a foot race with one exception: Jackson couldn't use his feet.

After the game, Jackson was informed of Brady's offer. Considering the rollerblades, he felt Brady would come out victorious.

"He probably can win that race," Jackson said. "Rollerblades on grass? Oh, man."

Jackson said he would see what he could do with that proposal and also mentioned that Brady still had some speed of his own.

"Tom still got a little bit left in him," Jackson said. "I've seen him."


"I'm trying to win a Super Bowl"

Part of what makes Jackson so special is that he is never satisfied. Despite all this success, he's always focused on getting better each time he steps on the field. That was evident after a 45-6 win over the Los Angeles Rams.

Even immediately after balling out, Jackson didn't want to hear about his triumphs or MVP odds. All her cared about was the next game and reaching the ultimate goal.

"I'm trying to win a Super Bowl. We're taking it a game at a time. I'm not worried about MVP," Jackson said.

The beginning of "Big Truzz"

When the Ravens' catchphrase "Big Truzz", formerly known as "Big Truss" actually began is up for debate. However, after a Week 11 win against the Houston Texans, it went viral.

This soundbite isn't from Jackson, but it's all about him. After Ingram finished up his time at the podium, he decided to give his quarterback a little introduction. Hyping up who he felt should be the MVP at the time, Ingram dropped the catchphrase on the mic.

From there, the motto took on a life of its own.

Jackson-Ingram bromance

Lamar Jackson and Mark Ingram have a special relationship filled with love and support for one another. That was on full display when the two did an interview together after the win over the Jets.

The victory marked a 10-game win streak, clinched the AFC North and included Jackson passing Michael Vick's single-season rushing record. Even with all that excitement, the two did not want to compliment themselves but instead opted to hype each other up. From there, an amazing two minutes of audio was created.

Jackson find out Ingram his 1,000 rushing yards

In Week 16 against the Browns, Mark Ingram exited the game with an injury. Being that the Ravens would wrap up home-field advantage for the playoffs, Ingram, who entered the game on the cusp of 1,000 rushing yards, would not play another regular season snap.

Knowing that, Jackson was worried that his running back didn't hit the 1,000 yards mark in the game and would miss out on the achievement. In the postgame interview, Jackson was informed that Ingram did indeed reach that tally. In a moment of pure excitement and joy, Jackson showed just how close the team is.

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