One stat shows it wasn't just Lamar Jackson who struggled against the Chiefs


Lamar Jackson's performance on Monday night against the Kansas City Chiefs left much to be desired. 

The stat sheet will show that he was only 15-28 on passes while throwing for just 97 yards and one touchdown. Of course, this means that the quarterback will take likely face criticism in the coming week. Many will tout the fact that Jackson struggled in the one area he's shown weaknesses in while failing to deliver in a big game.

They are fair arguments, but what the paper won't show is that Jackson was not alone in his struggle. The quarterback missed some passes and looked rather uncomfortable and flustered against Kansas City's defensive plan, but his receivers were not helping him.

According to Pro Football Focus, Ravens' pass catchers dropped fives passes during the contest. That is the most in a single game during his NFL career.

One of the drops came in the end zone when Mark Andrews was unable to haul in what would have been a touchdown. Baltimore was then forced to settle for a field goal, leaving points on the board.

As stated above, Lamar Jackson did not play well on Monday night. The 2019 MVP was off his game and the Chiefs clearly had a plan to contain him. He's not immune to the critiques that will come.

But, the loss -- as is common in the NFL -- cannot be blamed on one single person. Jackson struggled, but so did his receivers. As did the defense at times. 


Just like how the Ravens have team wins, this was a team loss. The stat sheet will tell one story, but it's not truly the full picture of what went down in Week 3.