A year ago today Mark Ingram introduced the world to 'Big Truss'


On this date last year, Mark Ingram had the legendary introduction during a postgame press conference for his QB Lamar Jackson. 

On November 17, 2019, "Big Truss" came to be. 

It's a moment and a saying that will forever live on and be the motto of this Ravens team. 

"Lamar has been saying truss, it's like, 'I'm with you,'" said Ingram. "I just put the big on it, because we do everything big."

That was the evolution of the Ravens iconic saying, "Big Truss."

It's not just a saying for the RB/QB duo, kicker Justin Tucker also used the saying in his press conference last season after hitting the game winning field goal against the 49ers. 

In the words of Coach Harbaugh, "This team has big dreams, big goals, big ambitions, big faith, and big truss." 

Following Sunday's disappointing loss to New England, the Ravens need some "big truss" to hopefully get back to where they were a year ago.