On the field, Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes play different styles of football. 

Jackson is more inclined to run for a first down than Mahomes, while Mahomes makes throws off-platform instead of scrambling for first downs. 

Mahomes leads an offense that is one of the most effective passing offenses in league history, while Jackson just finished his season at the controls of the league’s best rushing team of all time. 

Stylistically, there’s not much of a match. But on their various career paths, there’s more in-common than their playing styles would suggest. And it’s on Mahomes’ mind. 

Just after he and the Chiefs beat the 49ers in the Super Bowl, he was asked about his prominence as the potential face of the league.

"There's several guys that can be the face of the NFL," Mahomes replied. "With the NFL and how good the play is, the quarterback play, guys can come out there year in and year out and play great football. Lamar was the unanimous MVP last night and he just had one of the best seasons of all time at quarterback."

In the 2019 season, Mahomes and Jackson took the league by storm in a campaign dubbed ‘The Year of the Black Quarterback,’ especially considering Russell Wilson and Deshaun Watson’s continued success. 

But two in particular, Mahomes and Jackson, have some career similarities that bode well for Jackson’s future in the league. 


After becoming a full-time starter in their second years in the league, both won league’s Most Valuable Player leading the league’s best offense to the playoffs. Both teams lost at home, although Mahomes won a playoff game against the Colts.

Mahomes, a year older than Jackson, has now won a Super Bowl. He’s just 24-years-old and has an MVP, and now a Super Bowl ring, to his name. 

Jackson, at just 23 years old, has an MVP award and is 19-3 as a starting quarterback in the regular season. 

And with both quarterback’s popularity growing, there’s a strong chance Jackson will grace the cover of Madden 21 in August — a year after Mahomes was on the cover. 

As for curses, or any thoughts of curses, Mahomes just left Florida with a Super Bowl and a career filled with seemingly endless possibilities. 

Jackson’s hope is that he can do exactly that.

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