Paul Pierce weighs in on if Lamar Jackson pulled a Paul Pierce


According to Paul Pierce, there's no question that Lamar Jackson imitated him during the Ravens-Browns game on Monday night when he disappeared to the locker room mid-game.

Meaning that, according to the former NBA star, he did have to poop.

"That's B.S. He went to the back and found out his injury wasn't as bad as he thought just like I did. I don't know where this came from that I had to go to the bathroom," Pierce said on The Jump on Tuesday. Come on now. Come on, Lamar. That's B.S."

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Pierce's fellow ESPN analyst Amin Elhassan didn't hold back the jokes. 

"I'm glad you called it B.S. - capital 'S'. 'S' everywhere," Elhassan quipped. 

Pierce infamously was carried into a wheelchair and into his team's locker room during Game 1 of the NBA Finals. He even admitted as such years later while providing analysis pregame before the 2019 NBA Finals. 

The former Celtics champion has since retracted that confession, and doubled down that he did not have to use the locker room bathroom, but instead came it was just for treating what was described as a shoulder injury at the time. Like Jackson, Pierce came back into the contest shortly after leaving the game to go to the locker room.  

"I got wheeled off. It did look like he did have to actually go to the bathroom. If I had to go to the bathroom, I wouldn't have took a wheelchair there," Pierce said with a chuckle.