Rivers vents over 'jacked up' catch rule after Peters INT


Colts quarterback Philip Rivers had himself a busy afternoon in Indianapolis’ Week 9 loss to the Ravens. He finished 25-of-43 for 227 yards, no touchdowns and one controversial interception that had the 17-year veteran fired up on Sunday.

“Its gotten so really jacked up how the catch rule is,” Rivers said. “I mean, nobody that’s played any amount of football or that has been around the game watched that and thought it was a catch, including the guy (Marcus Peters) that dropped it.”

“You can slow it down to milliseconds and you can just make it a technicality about three feet touched the ground, even though someone’s that sitting back watching this probably hasn’t thrown a football in his life gets to call it.”

NFL senior vice president of officiating Al Riveron said there was “clear and obvious visual evidence” that Peters controlled the ball long enough to complete the interception, which eventually led to the go-ahead score for Baltimore.

Peters and Rivers were also involved in a viral moment earlier in the game that saw the Ravens cornerback force a fumble that left the 38-year-old quarterback all alone to attempt to make a tackle. An attempt that led to quite a few laughs on social media, and even a few chuckles the day after in the Colts locker room.

“We had a couple good laughs,” Rivers said on Monday. “Shoot, I can laugh at it as well. Probably not as many had we have won the game, it would have been a little funnier I guess. Makes it a little harder sell to tell you that 20 years ago I was a heck of a free safety after you watch that clip, that’s for sure.

“It’s funny but not funny because I’m still aggravated that I didn’t find a way to get him down… but you can find a way to laugh at it a little bit, just because of the lack of athletic display shown in that particular play.”