Potential No. 1 NBA Draft pick LaMelo Ball is all-in on Lamar Jackson


It's nothing new for the Lamar Jackson-led Ravens to add celebrity fans. Baltimore was the talk of the town throughout the 2019 NFL Season, and Jackson's MVP campaign was historic in more ways than one.

The latest celebrity to be awed by Jackson? A young man who is preparing to be a first-round pick of his own.

That's LaMelo Ball, the younger brother of Lonzo and the youngest son of LaVar. The Ball family has been on the scene for a few years since Lonzo (the oldest brother) was a freshman star at UCLA. His dad took advantage of the moment to become one of the most recognizable sports dads ever, and now LaMelo is stepping into his own spotlight.

The youngest Ball forwent college to play overseas as a teenager and is eligible to be drafted in 2020. In a class without a clear-cut top choice, he has as good a chance as any of being drafted with the top pick - one spot ahead of his brother.

And while he's preparing for draft night, he'll be spending his Sundays riding with both Jackson and 2019 first-round pick Marquise "Hollywood" Brown.

Jackson and Brown took the NFL by storm in 2019, and with Brown adding 20 pounds of muscle and Jackson looking to take another step forward in his development, they could establish themselves as one of the league's best duos in 2020.

Ball isn't the first big name to jump on the Ravens' bandwagon. If they keep winning and setting records in the process, he won't be the last.