Matt Skura says family received ‘hateful and threatening’ messages


Ravens center Matt Skura said his family was subjected to “hateful and threatening” messages on social media after the Ravens’ 23-17 loss to the Patriots. 

Skura struggled with his snaps for the second-straight week, though against the Colts he was hampered by an injured hand, and against the Patriots, he was in the driving wind and rain. As a result of his poor snaps, he said family members of his were attacked online after the game.

“I want to take ownership and apologize for my mistakes in last night’s game,” Skura wrote on Instagram. “I always strive and work to be the best I can be in any and all situations. I appreciate those who have sent encouraging messages to me since the game. However, please know my family is off-limits when it comes to hateful and threatening messages. They do not deserve to be scrutinized for something they did not do. I want to move on from this and grow so that I'm able to be at my best for the rest of the season. Now it's on to the Titans…”

Skura’s Instagram page has since been made private. 

There were a few snaps Sunday night that went behind the intended target, notably on a 4th-and-1 play with Mark Ingram lined up as the lone man in the backfield in the Wildcat formation. 

Coach John Harbaugh said the hand injury wasn’t a factor in the snaps that sometimes went off target.

“The snaps are concerning,” Harbaugh said. “Those are very costly in the game. Tough deal, it’s a hard situation. Matt knows he’s got to get those snaps back there. Nobody feels worse about it than he does.”