Ravens DC: Mahomes would be underpaid if he signed a $1 billion contract


Patrick Mahomes made NFL history when he signed a $500 million contract extension this summer in Kansas City. 

Ravens defensive coordinator Don “Wink” Martindale thinks that, even if you double Mahomes’ contract, it wouldn’t be enough.

“I know he’s got $450 million or whatever it is,” Martindale said. “They could’ve paid him a billion, I’d still think he’s underpaid.”

Mahomes, in his two seasons as a starter, has won an MVP award and led the Chiefs to a Super Bowl title. In his career, he’s 26-7 as a starting quarterback. 

Against the Ravens, Mahomes is 2-0 and has thrown for 377 and 374 yards, respectively. And while Mahomes’ physical abilities make him one of the most unique quarterbacks in league history, Martindale has been particularly impressed by Mahomes’ knowledge of the game at just 25-years-old.

“The intelligence of the player, he’s a Football IQ level of Brady and Manning and those type of quarterbacks,” Martindale said. “Getting them in the right play all the time and the protection part of it, too. It seems like anytime anybody pressures them, he has them in the right protection and you’re just running into a wall.”