Eric DeCosta wants Lamar Jackson in Baltimore for ‘many, many years’


Ravens general manager Eric DeCosta will have the attention of many around the league this offseason as he and the organization begins contract negotiations with quarterback Lamar Jackson. 

There’s nothing that indicates Jackson won’t be in Baltimore for a long time, and it appears that long time could start rather soon. 

“I will be talking with Lamar probably within the next 10 days or so — he’s down in Florida,” DeCosta said on his Monday conference call with reporters. “But we’ve got a great relationship, he’s got a great relationship with this organization. He’s a very easy person to talk to. Certainly deserves a contract. He has played phenomenal football over the last couple years. And our intention, and my intention, is to keep him in Baltimore for many, many years.”

Jackson, who just completed his third season in the NFL and second as the full-time starter, already has an extensive list of accomplishments. 

He’s 30-7 as a starting quarterback, the youngest quarterback in league history to reach 30 wins. He’s just the second-ever unanimous MVP and has a touchdown rate of 7.2 percent and an interception rate of just 1.9 percent.

In the last two seasons, Jackson has rushed for 2,211 yards and 14 touchdowns and is the only quarterback in league history to rush for at least 1,000 yards in multiple seasons. In 2019, the Ravens ranked first in the league in points (33.2) and in 2020, seventh (29.3). 

There’s not a worry in the world for Ravens fans about whether or not Jackson will be extended, it is just a matter of when at this point.