Ravens keeping focused with new COVID-19 protocols


After an outbreak of COVID-19 officially hit the NFL, the league changed some of its protocols to adapt to the new league structure. 

Some of the new protocols involve increased mask regulations and tryout restrictions placed on individual teams. 

The Tennessee Titans had an outbreak at their facility, which postponed their Week 4 matchup and, after two more positive tests, has left Week 5 against the Bills in jeopardy as well. The Patriots and Chiefs game, scheduled for last Sunday, was moved to Monday as quarterback Cam Newton tested positive. 

Tuesday, Patriots cornerback Stephon Gilmore tested positive, as did a player on the Las Vegas Raiders.


The Ravens are adapting to the new normal, like every team in the league, as the league deals with the coronavirus pandemic seemingly day-by-day.

“It’s just whatever it is, we do it,” coach John Harbaugh said Wednesday. “We don’t really care what it is. We want to play, so we do the best we can with all of it.”

The Ravens have already had a slight change to their schedule due to coronavirus, as the Steelers-Titans game scheduled for Week 4 was postponed, moving the Ravens’ bye week up by one week.

Quarterback Lamar Jackson said, while the team doesn’t discuss it much in the locker room, it’s understood that players are accountable outside the facility.

“We really don’t, but our guys I feel, we’re smart enough to know not to go out and not follow the protocols,” Jackson said. “Myself, I go home. So I be good. I feel like my guys do as well. So we’ve been fine here, so far.”


Reports surfaced Wednesday that the Titans, however, didn’t follow protocols as required calling into question the next steps for not just the Titans, but the rest of the league as well.

“Yeah it raises my concerns, because I know those guys are professionals and I know they’re not trying to do anything to jeopardize themselves or their teammates,” wideout Marquise Brown said earlier in the day. “So for them to get it, it shows how cautious you’ve got to be when you’re outside the building. It’s not just about you, it’s about the staff, the whole NFL.”