Mark Ingram and Calais Campbell set lofty career goals


It's not too often fans hear NFL players talk about their personal career goals. Typically all they hear about is making the Super Bowl, winning championships, and other team-focused goals. If they mention a personal goal, it's usually just something obvious, like wanting to make the Hall of Fame one day.

So, before we get into some personal goals for stars on the Ravens, let's preface it with this: Both of these guys want to win a Super Bowl in Baltimore above all else.

But during Sunday's game against the Texans, defensive end Calais Campbell and running back Mark Ingram were overheard discussing some personal statistics they're aiming for before retirement.

"I'm trying to get to 100 sacks before I retire," Campbell told Ingram on the sidelines, as heard on this week's "Ravens Wired."

Ingram was quick to jump on board with a goal of his own.

"So, we've got a lot of work to do then," Ingram responded. "I'm trying to get to [10,000 yards] rushing and 100 TD's."

Both players are in their 30s, clearly closer to retirement than when they entered the league. But both veterans have bucked the aging curve by continuing to perform at a high level.

Campbell, 34, appears closer to his goal. While he mentions to his teammate that he is 10.5 sacks away -- putting him at 89.5 for his career -- Pro Football Reference has him listed at just 89.0. He would need to finish the year with at least 11.0 in order to reach 100.0 during the 2020 season, a total he's only surpassed once in his career.


If he plays another season beyond 2020, which wouldn't be a surprise considering his high level of play even into his mid-30s, then it seems likely a healthy Campbell would reach his goal.

If he does, Campbell will be the 36th player in NFL history to reach 100-plus sacks, though it should be noted there are five other active players ahead of him between 91.0 and 98.0.

Ingram's goals are a bit loftier. He's only 30, a few years younger than Campbell, but running backs fall off a cliff sooner than other positions. He's taken care of his body, though, and thanks to Alvin Kamara in New Orleans and the Ravens' stable of running backs, he hasn't had to carry a heavy load for most of his career. His legs should be fresher than most 30-year-olds.

Ingram is still 2,891 rushing yards shy of his goal, so he's a few healthy seasons away in a best case scenario. Only 31 players have ever reached 10,000. Only 12 running backs have ever combined for 100-plus running and receiving touchdowns (24 players if you include receivers), making it even more rarified air.

He currently has 71 total touchdowns, averaging nearly eight per season. He would need another four seasons, including 2020, of strong production to reach this goal, too.

Both players have some work to do, but with a lot of hard work and some good luck, Campbell and Ingram can add their names to the record books. They're in each other's corners, too.

"You hold me accountable every day, and I'm going to hold you accountable every day," Ingram told Campbell. "I'm on you every day about that."

While the Super Bowl is the first thing on their minds, it'll be fun for Ravens fans to cheer along these veterans on the way to their next milestones.

Campbell puts it best, asking Ingram, "If you don't set big goals for yourself, then why are you doing this?"