Ravens move up in Forbes rankings of most valuable NFL franchises


The Ravens are moving on up. At least, they are according to Forbes.

The organization's annual rankings of Forbe's most valuable franchises in the NFL came out Thursday ahead of the season opener between the Chiefs and Texans.

Baltimore did well, coming in at 16th in the NFL, just one spot behind the Pittsburgh Steelers, who have a much longer history and more national fanbase. The Ravens are valued at $2.975 billion, while Pittsburgh is at $3 billion.

Elsewhere in the AFC North, the Browns are ranked 26th and the Bengals are 32nd out of 32 teams. Down the road, the Washington Football Team drops from 7th in 2019 to 8th in 2020.

The Ravens saw an increase of 8% from last year (they were ranked 18th in the NFL in 2019), which is the 9th-largest increase in the league. The Lamar Jackson Effect? Possibly. Good teams tend to be worth more. But the NFL as a whole saw yet another increase in value.

The Ravens also finish 12th in operating income with $108 million. They have been owned by Steve Bisciotti, who has held a majority stake in the franchise since 2004.