OWINGS MILLS, Md. — Mark Ingram’s offer for anyone to meet him in Baltimore, should they feel that Lamar Jackson shouldn’t win MVP, still stands.

Ingram joked Thursday that since he took the podium after Sunday’s 41-7 win over the Texans and proclaimed Jackson the league’s MVP, he’s heard from a few people about their opinions of who should win MVP.

“I think a couple people have been on my social media thinking they wanna pull up outside ‘The Bank’ (M&T Bank Stadium),” Ingram said with a laugh. “They got they own little argument about who should be MVP. I ain’t seen nobody yet.”

Jackson, now seemingly in a two-horse race with Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson for the MVP award, is now getting a push from his teammates.

Over the past few weeks, various Ravens players have voiced their support for Jackson to win MVP. 

“Everyone in this locker room, everyone in this city, this state, we know what Lamar means to us,” Mark Andrews said. “He’s all that and more. All the praise he’s gotten, all the MVP stuff, it shouldn’t even be a question. There’s nobody else in the NFL that’s making as big an impact for their team than this guy.” 

Jackson is currently on-pace to finish with 3,613 yards passing, 30 passing touchdowns and eight interceptions with a 66.3 percent completion percentage. He’s also nearing the NFL’s rushing record (1,039 yards) for a quarterback in a season and is on-pace for 1,261 yards and nine touchdowns. 


Those stats would mean he’s end the season with 4,874 yards from scrimmage, 39 touchdowns and eight turnovers.

“We’ve been believing in him since he’s been here,” Orlando Brown Jr. said. “He’s somebody that comes in every day, works hard at practice, works hard in the film room, goes hard on Sunday’s. To me, his energy is so contagious it’s one of the reasons we’ve been able to win.”

With the organization behind him, Jackson has routinely stated he’s not after individual accolades, but he appreciates the respect his teammates give him. 

“You don’t want to be in a building where guys hate you,” Jackson quipped. “It’s a family thing going on here. I love my guys. We go to war with each other. It’s been going on since I’ve been in the building.”

Naturally, it’s not surprising that teammates of a quarterback the MVP race thinks he deserves the award. But Ravens players are jumping at whatever opportunity they can to voice their opinions.

“He deserves all of it,” Andrews said. “All of his teammates backing him up, that’s just trust in him. We all believe in him, he’s our leader.”

Nearly every Raven, though, also directs praise towards Jackson’s off-the-field persona. Marlon Humphrey told a story of Jackson coming into the facility on an off-day, specifically to just talk to people and shake hands around the building.

So while the Ravens are biased, clearly, they’re not afraid of talking about who they think should win MVP.

“At the end of the day, he’s a great player, but he’s a better teammate and better friend,” Andrews said. “You get support by being a good person, being a good teammate.”