Sam Koch set to break Ravens record for most games played


Ravens punter Sam Koch isn’t just the most efficient passer in NFL history. Sunday, against the Eagles, he’s set to break the team record for most career games played. 

Last weekend, he tied Terrell Suggs for the most played with 229 games. Now, the 38-year-old punter will be atop the list for the number of times in a Ravens uniform.

“He’s the epitome of what a Raven is,” defensive back Jimmy Smith said. “No matter what position you play, it is very difficult to make it in the NFL. To play as long as he has, at the level he has, for an organization like this, it shows you the dedication to his craft. That’s pretty cool. He’s one of my favorite Ravens too.”

Koch is in his 15th season as a Raven and, to this point in his career, hasn’t missed a game. He’s been named a Pro Bowler once and was on the 2013 Super Bowl team.

For his career, he’s averaged 45.4 yards per punt but last year, was only needed to punt 40 times due to the success of the Ravens’ offense. Through his time in Baltimore, he’s always contributed to that offense, too.

Koch has completed all seven of his career passes and, statistically, is the most efficient passer in NFL history.

Coach John Harbaugh praised Koch’s dedication and his attributes off the field on Wednesday but added there’s something stylistically to Koch that makes him different.


“Sam is going to be remembered in his craft for changing the way punters punt,” Harbaugh said. “He’s the guy that’s come up with all these types of punts and these different kicks. I don’t know how many he’s got, but it’s many many of them. Really with the directional punting, the way he sprays the ball around, puts it on the sideline, the different rotations he uses, these are all things that punters are copying now. He’ll be remembered for that for a long time.”