Ravens rookie Rashod Bateman uses first paycheck to buy mom a house


When a highly touted prospect enters the draft for their respective sport and gets selected, particularly in the first round, one of the initial purchases upon signing a professional contract will be to pay it forward. 

Rewarding those that helped them along the way as they enter the life as a professional athlete. Ravens first-round pick in last April's NFL Draft, Rashod Bateman, is the latest to this type of act. 

The rookie wide receiver recently purchased for his mother, Lashonda Cromer, a house upon signing his first National Football League contract. For a decade, Bateman witnessed his mother endure physical abuse and working multiple jobs as she tried to make ends meet for her family. 

Bateman's mother would work 12-hour shifts where she operated machines that produced flooring and carpet. 

Following Cromer's divorce, it became a challenge to be a single mother raising a family. They had to move four or five times, and she would go long stretches without eating to make sure her kids could. 

Despite these difficult times, Cromer made sure her work schedule allowed her to see Bateman as he progressed to pursue a football career. 

Now that the 21-year-old has reportedly signed a four-year deal worth $12.6 million with a $6.5 million signing bonus, per OvertheCap.com. He stuck to his word and purchased a house for his mother. 


In an Instagram post, Bateman wrote, "Dreams to reality," he wrote. "Welcome home mama, I love you."

Purchasing his mother a new home shouldn't come as a surprise. When asked what the wide receiver from the University of Minnesota would spend his first paycheck on, the answer was simple. 

"I'll definitely be buying my mom a house first," Bateman said.