Ravens' schedule rearranged after Titans' COVID-19 outbreak


The NFL had its first COVID-19 outbreak when 13 players and team personnel tested positive following the team's Week 3 matchup with the Vikings. 

The outbreak ultimately delayed Tennessee's Week 4 game against the Steelers and it appears the Ravens' schedule will be impacted as well. 

Per NFL Network's Ian Rapoport, Titans vs. Steelers will be rescheduled to Week 7. Both teams will use Week 4 as their bye week now.

The Ravens were initially scheduled to play the Steelers in Week 7, so they'll instead play Pittsburgh in Week 8, which was their original bye week. Baltimore's new bye week will be Week 7. 

All in all, that's not the biggest adjustment to deal with for the Ravens. Their off week will come a week earlier and they'll have extra time to prepare for their arch-rival in an important divisional matchup. Not too bad.

This is just the reality MLB teams already learned to adjust to and what NFL teams will have to live with as well. Outside of the bubble, there's an increased likelihood of someone contracting coronavirus. With that comes the increased chances that games will have to be canceled and made up. 

Teams will have to remain flexible as the season wears on. Is this an ideal situation? No, but it may be the only way to execute a football season in the middle of a pandemic where all 32 teams play 16 games.