Ravens set record for consecutive regular season games with 20+ points


In Week 11 of the 2018 NFL season, Lamar Jackson took over as the starting quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens. Since then, the team has scored 20 or more points in every regular-season contest, which now sits at 31 after Baltimore took a 21-10 lead over the Colts on Sunday.

That isn't just a great streak, it's historic. The Ravens now hold the NFL record for most consecutive regular-season games in which they've scored a total of 20 or more in a contest.

The team has now passed the 2012-14 Denver Broncos who were lead by Peyton Manning. In a very fitting way, Jackson was the one to help put them over the mark against the Colts, scrambling into the endzone for a touchdown.

It's been clear since Jackson took over as the starter two seasons ago that Baltimore's offense has seen an uptick in scoring and dynamic plays. Yet, that group doesn't deserve all the credit here.

The record relates to total points as a team, meaning defensive scores count as well. Especially in 2020, the unit has done a great job of creating turnovers and scoring points their own way.

Now when people wonder just how strong Baltimore's performance has been on the scoreboard since Jackson became the guy, the answer is "historically good."