Ravens unveil cardboard cutouts of superfan Mo Gaba


Might as well start chopping those onions now, because you're going to be crying anyway in about three minutes.

A week after announcing the chance for fans to sponsor cardboard cutouts of longtime Ravens superfan Mo Gaba, who tragically passed away this summer at the age of 14, the organization unveiled "Mo's Rows" in the corner of one of their end zones.

It's a beautiful sight for fans who were touched by Mo's courageous battle with various illnesses, and seeing his mom sit among the cutouts was moving enough. The players on the team clearly miss Mo too, as Lamar Jackson retweeted the post to give his full support.

Then the Ravens one-upped themselves, sharing a video of Mo's mom seeing the cutouts for the first time. Even more cool is the next surprise the team had for her.

As seen in their video, the Raven also made a change to one of their end zones. While most of the letters in "Baltimore" are written in white paint, the letters "M-O" look a little bit different.

Mo always stood out from the crowd for his passion, optimism, generosity and beautiful example of the joy of the human spirit. Now, his name does too.

It's a fitting tribute for Mo, and the perfect symbol of a young man whose name will stand out in the city of Baltimore forever.