Miles Boykin's mother becomes first female cover athlete of Madden


In July, Ravens second-year wide receiver Mile Boykin tweeted that his mother, Felicia, had just discovered that she had been paying for her son's Xbox Live subscription since the sixth grade.

A funny internet moment, Xbox itself reached out to the pass catcher to let them know they had a plan to repay her for all the years of payments. 

Now, the plan has been unveiled and it is an incredible one. Teaming up with Xbox, EA Sports and Microsoft, Boykin was able to give his mom a gift to show his gratitude, Madden-style. After Miles played the game for the majority of his life with her help, Felicia Boykin now owns a copy with herself on the cover.

The design makes her the first female to grace the cover of the football simulation game, and it may just be the best cover yet (no offense, Lamar). Some of Boykin's closest health heroes will also receive copies of the game and Xbox consoles to go along with it. 

She also is receiving an Xbox Game Pass, and as she says, that means no more charges to the credit card. 

A healthcare worker, Felicia Boykin spends her days trying to help others succeed and shine, just like she has done for her son throughout his life. With Boykin now achieving his dreams in the NFL, he wanted to show his mom just how appreciative he is of all her hard work. From thriving on the football field to dominating on Xbox, he couldn't have done either without her.


“You’ve always been there. You helped me become the man I am today and I will forever be grateful to you. I would give you the world if I could and you would still deserve better," Boykin said in the video. "You not only supported my passion for football but also my second love of gaming.”

Felicia Boykin may have been unaware that she was paying for her son's gaming for a long time, but now she's finally reaping the benefits. Next up: a one-on-one battle between the two on the sticks.