Ray Lewis shows off salsa moves on 'Dancing With The Stars' premiere


Ray Lewis started out his time on 'Dancing With The Stars' to a song that was popular right at the height of his career: Nelly's 'Hot In Herre'. 

The retired Ravens great is paired with Cheryl Burke this season and showed off his best salsa moves on Monday night's premiere. 

In a pre-show blog written on US Weekly, Burke wrote that Lewis (though at the time of her writing the pairs weren't publicly announced yet) was more worried than anything about letting her down in the dancing competition.

"He keeps saying, 'I’m not gonna let you down,'" she wrote. "So I think he’s more nervous of that. He’s still trying to find his way. It’s like trying to teach a baby to walk first before crawling. It’s not enough time. You have to totally be in tune with each other and that’s what we’re still figuring out. So it’s tough. He’s either gonna make me fly across the ballroom floor by accident or we’re gonna be good. It will be good regardless though!"


Lewis' entrance to the DWTS stage looked familiar to anyone who watched his career: 

And his reviews from the judges? Not bad: He received a 15 out of 30 and was told by one judge, Len, that he has "potential." 

The first elimination is next Monday.