Report: Titans break protocols after positive coronavirus tests


A day following the closure of the Tennessee Titans' facility following eight positive coronavirus tests from players and team personnel, players were reportedly seen practicing at a local high school despite being told not to gather. 

According to independent Titans reporter Paul Kuharsky, the Titans practiced at Montgomery Bell Academy on Sept. 30. A league source told Kuharsky that after Tennessee's facility shutdown on Sept. 29, there were to be “no in-person meetings, workouts or activities at the facility or elsewhere.”

While this seems like a clear violation of the NFL protocols, there has been no disciplinary measures or team comment. Two more Titans tested positive early Wednesday following two days with negative tests, hampering hopes of a return to the facility as well as endangering Sunday's scheduled game against the Bills. 

The number of positive COVID-19 tests from the Titans has now risen to 22. 

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A local Nashville news station also confirmed with sources that around 15 Titans players had been to the high school fields while students were in school. Kuharsky was told quarterback Ryan Tannehill was seen at the fields. 

The postponement of the Titans-Steelers' Week 4 matchup to Week 7 caused a series of schedule rearrangements, including the Ravens' bye week being moved up a week before playing Pittsburgh

Baltimore wide receiver Marquise Brown spoke in general about Tennessee's viral outbreak Wednesday before the latest reports. 


“Yeah it raises my concerns, because I know those guys are professionals and I know they’re not trying to do anything to jeopardize themselves or their teammates," Brown told reporters. "So for them to get it, it shows how cautious you’ve got to be when you’re outside the building. It’s not just about you, it’s about the staff, the whole NFL.”