RG3 tweets well wishes to Lamar Jackson


With covid-19 continuing to sweep through the Baltimore Ravens lineup, now-likely starting quarterback Robert Griffin III tweeted out a reminder that this is bigger than football.

"Praying for my brother @Lj_era8," he wrote, "and every player, staff member and their families dealing with COVID-19. Ensuring the safety of the entire organization is important. Handling this outbreak within the team is bigger than football."

Quarterback Lamar Jackson was just one of the new positive tests on the Ravens according to reports on Thursday. The total number of positive tests for players - as of publish time - is up to nine this week.

Their Thursday night matchup against the Steelers was postponed until Sunday, but according to reports the Ravens facility has now been closed until Monday and at least even one Steelers player is wondering if the game will be kicking off at the adjusted time. 

If it does, with Jackson sidelined, Griffin will be the starter.