As part of NBC Sports Pro Pets series, each week, NBC Sports Washington will release a new short-form video profiling local athletes and the animals they love. Presented by Olde Towne Pet Resort.

Left tackle for the Baltimore Ravens, Ronnie Stanley has always had a special place in his heart for animals, particularly pit bulls. 

“Ever since I could remember I’ve been a dog person, animal person, just loved animals,” said Stanley to NBC Sports as part of the 'Pro Pets' series. 

Stanley adopted both of his pit bulls, Lola and Rico, knowing it would not only be able to help him cope with just being in a new unfamiliar place but it would also help an animal with no home. 

“A lot of people just put that stigma on pit bulls that they’re just violent animals and that that’s just like part of the breed and that’s completely not true.” 

For Stanley, the decision to adopt pit bulls, in particular, was about much more than just gaining a new companion, but giving an unappreciated breed of dog a chance and a loving home. 

“When I walked into the shelter I knew I wanted to get one of the dogs that’s been in the shelter for the longest time and that everyone kind of gave up on and no one thought was going to get adopted.” 

“They pretty much found her [Lola] abandoned in a house in a room with no food and no water, they pretty much used her as a breeding dog.” 


Although Lola has been through a lot, she motivates Stanley and helps him to be appreciative for his circumstances. 

“She [Lola] just keeps everything in perspective for me, every time I see her it reminds me of the things she’s been through, she just helps me be grateful every day.”  

On the other hand, Rico, who was also adopted didn’t go through a traumatic experience. 

“He’s kind of living a spoiled life but I got him from the shelter as well.” 

“He’s going to keep you entertained, he’ll at least make you laugh once or twice a day.” 

Regardless of their stereotypes, Stanley wouldn’t trade his loving pit bulls for the world.