Clark calls Baltimore 'soft' after performance vs. Titans


Before this past Sunday's pivotal AFC clash between the Ravens and the Titans, the Tennesse sideline irked the home team when numerous Titans players began to stomp on Baltimore's logo during pregame warmups.

That act from Tennessee originally fired up the Ravens, who jumped out to a 21-10 lead over the Titans in the third quarter. However, Tennessee would prove to be the more physical team down the stretch, as a pair of late touchdowns by AJ Brown and Derrick Henry would send the visiting team home with an overtime victory.

After watching the game and seeing Baltimore's collapse, especially after what transpired pregame, the Ravens performance didn't sit well with ESPN analyst Ryan Clark. During Get Up on Monday, Clark ripped Baltimore and gave them a label that no professional football team ever wants to be called.

"They're kind of soft," Clark said. "When's the last time you remember people calling out the bullies? When's the last time you've seen anyone in the NFL walk out into the middle of somebody else's stadium and stomp on that logo? Let alone the Baltimore Ravens?"

A member of the Pittsburgh Steelers for several years, Clark is plenty familiar with playing against the Ravens. 

Yet, when Clark played for the Black and Gold, he said no one on the team would have even considered the idea of stomping on Baltimore's logo pregame, because they knew the consequences that would come as a result.


"Listen, we had bad dudes in Pittsburgh. We had dudes who used to walk to other people's bus to fight their MVPs, to fight their Defensive Players of the Year," Clark said. "But we weren't walking on Baltimore's logo, because we understood if you walked out there, half of each team was going to be disqualified because we were going to fight."

When Tennessee started making a scene pregame, Clark expected several Ravens to come and stand their ground. But, it appeared that none of the players cared enough to retaliate. In fact, only head coach John Harbaugh seemed visibly upset by the act.

Clark also wanted to make it clear that it wasn't like it was the undefeated Steelers or the reigning Super Bowl champion Chiefs that came in to Baltimore and began stomping on the logo. It was Tennessee, a club that entered the game with the same record as the Ravens and one that's had their fair share of struggles this season, too.

The fact that Tennessee came into Baltimore with that much confidence told Clark a lot about this current Ravens team.

"Here's the other part people are missing, it's not a really tough defense was the team stomping on the logo," Clark said. "Tennessee ain't tough. Tennessee gets ran through defensively. Tennessee doesn't tackle. But even they feel bold enough, they feel physical enough, they feel strong enough that they can go test the Baltimore Ravens like that before the game."

To conclude his argument on why he called the Ravens "soft," Clark made a statement that all Baltimore fans know but don't want to admit.

"This Baltimore team ain't the 2019 Baltimore Ravens," Clark said. "This Baltimore team doesn't walk into stadiums and scare people."