Sammy Watkins excited to be part of the Lamar show in Baltimore


When Lamar Jackson reached out to his newest wide receiver weapon Sammy Watkins for the first time since the 27-year-old free agent signed a one-year deal with the Ravens, Watkins expressed his excitement to come aboard. 

"I kinda talked to (Jackson) like man, 'This is your show. I just want to be a part of it. You're a special talent and I just want to try to come here to help out as far as making plays, making it easier on you,'" Watkins told media in his introductory press conference on Monday. 

Watkins' answer reflected his willingness to fit into whatever role the Ravens coaching staff sees for him, even if that's blocking for the run game. Still, Watkins highlighted his ability to improve a Ravens passing offense that sported the league's worst yards per game. 

The former Clemson star said he believes in Jackson's potential as a passer and it should be on receivers like him to get open to make Jackson an elite quarterback in the passing game. 

Watkins also wants to prove he can be a more dominant wideout at full health. Despite suffering sprained ankles and pulled hamstrings over a productive career, Watkins believes he can be as dominant as he was during his first few eye-popping seasons in Buffalo, where Ravens offensive coordinator Greg Roman was to help draft Watkins fourth overall in the 2014 NFL Draft. 


Watkins even referenced his "best times" as his first two productive seasons in the league, before he fractured his foot in April 2016. In Watkins' sophomore season, he caught 1,048 yards and nine touchdowns on 60 receptions with Roman in Buffalo.

"I know he's going to do a well-done job to make sure the ball not only gets in my hands, but Hollywood's and whatever receivers we draft or whatever receivers are there," Watkins said. 

Along with Roman, Ravens pass game specialist coach Keith Williams was also instrumental in getting Watkins to Baltimore. Watkins praised his former wide receivers coach for his ability to help different types of pass-catchers understand how to get open, and was convinced Baltimore was the right fit upon his first visit. 

"The vibes, the energy, the coaches, was amazing," Watkins said. "You go through this seven years in the league and you just want to make it right. Be somewhere where you can spend the next five years if everything goes well, and I just wanted to play where it's going to be fun and I think Baltimore was a great place. 

It's one of those feelings where you know it's home. Looking towards the future, I hope I have a great year here and hopefully I can have another contract and end my career there. That's really where my mindset was at."