SEE IT: 'Hollywood' Brown roasts Marlon Humphrey during practice

USA Today Sports Images

All football players know that the two best moments in practice are padded scrimmages and one-on-ones.

Baltimore Ravens' wideout Marquise "Hollywood" Brown loves one-on-ones.

On Tuesday, the team posted a clip of Brown going up against one of the best cornerbacks in the league, Pro Bowler Marlon Humphrey, and by the look of this video Brown seems to be in midseason shape. 


Brown and Humphrey's battle within the first five yards was much-see action, but after Brown pulled out the stop-and-go, it was smooth sailing for him from then on out. 

Now to be fair, receivers love one-on-one reps because there's no over the top safety help to worry about — and in Browns's case, it would be extremely rare for him and QB Lamar Jackson to face Cover 0 on any passing down. 

That duo is just too electric, any defensive coordinator with half an ounce of knowledge would know to never allow that to happen.

But who's to say that a safety would be able to get the angle on Brown anyway?

I'll guess we'll have to wait and see. 

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