SEE IT: Ravens kicker Justin Tucker shows off solid hands with sideline catch


Justin Tucker doesn't get to use his hands often. 

But when he got a chance to show off some athleticism on Sunday in Baltimore's Week 2 bout with Houston, he made sure to step forward and corral a throw-away pass from Lamar Jackson.

And CBS play-by-play commentator Kevin Harlan, known for bringing excitement to anything and everything, had this amazing call to along with it. 

'"He can kick and he can catch. He can do it all!" Harlan exclaimed. 

For a kicker, and the league's most efficient one at that, Tucker displayed terrific fundamentals with that sideline grab. He came to the ball, kept his arms firm and made the grab. With Jackson facing constant pressure in the first half, living for another down was the best option here. 

Oh yeah, and Tucker was busy with a couple of successful point-after attempts along with a field goal, too.