WATCH: Lamar Jackson and Mark Ingram star in Heisman House commercial


You know college football is back when new "Heisman House" commercials start popping up on your screens again. And since the Ravens have multiple past winners on their roster, it's no surprise to see a few familiar faces in the latest ad.

Playing into the long COVID-19 quarantine, the newest commercial begins with reigning MVP and 2016 Heisman winner Lamar Jackson showing up to a worn-down, decrepit Heisman House. He finds a bearded Tim Tebow, who doesn't realize that football is indeed back in our lives.

Jackson shares the good news, and who should pop out with excitement but Ravens running back and 2009 Heisman winner Mark Ingram. Ingram can't help but shout, "It's Heisman time!" from the rooftops, and the whole gang immediately gets to work readying the house.

Appearances are made by Derrick Henry, Marcus Mariota, Kyler Murray and Baker Mayfield, in addition to Jackson, Ingram and Tebow.

For some reason, the makers of this commercial missed a great opportunity to include the Ravens' third former Heisman winner, Robert Griffin III, who won in 2011. It was an opportunity the Ravens themselves didn't miss, when Greg Roman installed the "Heisman Package" with all three stars in the backfield at the same time against the Bengals.