Stephen A Smith: Ravens need to re-establish identity in Thanksgiving game


When the Ravens take on the Steelers on Thursday it obviously has everything for what could be (COVID-19 news aside) an epic matchup. The Steelers are undefeated, the Ravens are looking to not get swept by Pittsburgh and stop a recent skid and oh, yeah, these teams hate each other. 

But according to Stephen A Smith, it's about more than that. This game, the ESPN commentator said on First Take on Tuesday, is about the Ravens being able to answer a question they haven't had to - according to him - in two decades: Who are they?

"What the hell is their identity?" Smith asked. "There is no Ray Lewis. There is no Ed Reed. There is no Terrell Suggs. There's nobody like that. Somebody is going to have to stand the hell up and show who the hell they are and what this organization is supposed to stand for ... the bottom line is if you're the Ravens, that's what this is about."

It's more, Smith continued, than just a football game on Thanksgiving. 

"This is you against the Steelers with an opportunity to remind the world who you are, traditionally, as a franchise," he said.

Smith's foil, Max Kellerman, for his part said the game was about the Steelers.

"This is about the Steelers. And the reason is there's an undefeated team heading into Week 12 in a rivalry game," Kellerman argued.