Steve Smith believes Greg Roman needs to look for a new job


It was a long night for the Ravens' offense in their AFC Divisional Round loss to the Bills on Saturday, especially in the red zone.

Baltimore outgained Buffalo by 120 yards for the game but only managed to score three points. Two missed field goals by Justin Tucker and a costly pick-six by Lamar Jackson in the fourth quarter cost the Ravens their season.

Jackson and his receivers struggled in the passing game through most of the game, which had former Baltimore wide receiver Steve Smith highly critical of offensive coordinator Greg Roman's scheme. 

"Greg Roman is a fantastic coordinator," Smith said on NFL Network. "However, that fantastic coordinator needs to start looking for a job somewhere else because I believe his time has expired on this offense here. If you want Lamar Jackson to continue to be a stellar quarterback, you have to activate a second notch or third level of the passing game that makes it a little more complicated.

"It's not very complicated," Smith said. "My six-year-old, who's asleep right now, could run this offense as well."

Smith has never been afraid to say what's exactly on his mind, even if it's pointed criticism at an offensive coordinator who's received interest from other teams to be their head coach in the past. As a former wide receiver, he didn't like what he saw in the Ravens' latest playoff loss. 

"There are stories coming out that some of the wide receivers can't get separation," Smith said. "Well, when you're running the type of route combinations -- very elementary school, very cracker-jack-like, very easy to defend -- you can't necessarily put it all on the wide receivers if you have, 'Hey you two go deep, you two go shallow and Lamar, throw to whoever's open.'"


There have been no reports on whether Roman's job is in jeopardy heading into next season. Smith is simply offering his opinion on the state of the Ravens' offense.

Roman has played a key role in constructing one of the most potent rushing offenses in the NFL around Jackson and Baltimore's assortment of talented running backs. There's no questioning the Ravens' strength on the ground, but their shortcomings in the passing game have contributed to two straight playoff losses with Jackson at quarterback. 

During the 2020 season, Baltimore averaged the most rushing yards per game (191.9) and the least passing yards per game in the NFL (171.2).