Takeaways from the Chiefs 34-20 win over the Ravens


Monday’s game was built up as one of the best games on the NFL schedule, as quarterbacks Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson were set to clash in a battle of two of the league’s finest.

Instead, the Chiefs turned Monday Night Football into an offensive showcase for the rest of the league and staked their claim as the best team in football. 

In a 34-20 loss to the Chiefs, the Ravens weren’t able to get enough offensive mojo or defensive stops. 

Here are a few takeaways from the Ravens’ loss:

1. Andy Reid knows offense

Andy Reid didn’t let anything slip through Monday. 

From the first play of the game, which was a reverse to wideout Tyreek Hill, the Chiefs opened their bag of plays which included fake double screens, middle screens to the fullback and reverse passes out of the wildcat formation. 

Their motion, screen passes and misdirection kept the Ravens’ defense off-balance all night long as Mahomes shredded the Ravens’ secondary for 260 yards, three passing touchdowns and a rushing score in the first half. 

In the fourth quarter, the Chiefs even threw a touchdown pass to their left tackle, Eric Fisher, to go up by two touchdowns. If the Chiefs have any trick plays left in the bag after the game, there aren't many.

The Ravens’ blitz-heavy scheme simply wasn’t up to the task against one of the league’s best offenses. 

2. Devin Duvernay has been what the kickoff return team needed


Devin Duvernay was one of the few bright spots for the Ravens, as his 93-yard kickoff return for a touchdown kept the team in the game for longer than they had business doing. 

Duvernay, since joining the Ravens as a third-round choice, has been a standout on kick returns. His first touchdown cut the lead to 13-10 and was the only source of offense for the Ravens in the first half. 

The Ravens need to have some reflection offensively, but Duvernay will be one who won’t mind watching the film this week.

3. Patrick Mahomes is incredible

To say that Mahomes was outstanding would be putting it lightly and understating his performance.

He scrambled when he had to, he put deep passes directly into the bucket — and narrowly missed a fourth touchdown pass of the first half — as the Chiefs put on an offensive clinic. Were it not for missed kicks, they could’ve won 37-20. 

He threw for 385 yards on 31-of-42 passing for a total of five touchdowns. His dominance was the main reason for the Ravens’ problems, as any blitzes they dialed up never got home and coverages didn’t seem to matter against Mahomes. 

Simply, there was no stopping Mahomes on Monday.

4. Where’s the offense?

Monday’s matchup was hailed as two of the game’s top offenses. Instead, the Ravens mustered a measly 10 offensive points. 

Jackson wasn’t sharp, the offensive line wasn’t cohesive, the wideouts had far too many drops, the running attack wasn’t there and the Chiefs were ready for everything the Ravens had.

After a 67-yard drive to open the game, the Ravens’ offense was quiet the rest of the way as they fell further and further behind, eventually far enough to where the best the Ravens could hope for was a touchdown to tie the game. 

Jackson, though it’s unfair to place the blame squarely on his shoulders, fell to 0-3 against Mahomes, a figure sure to be brought up as the years and matchups continue between the two.