Sunday is a big day in Baltimore, for a litany of reasons. The Ravens enter Week 2 coming off the most impressive offensive performance in franchise history. It’s the home opener in a highly-anticipated season. Fans are excited about Lamar Jackson and the offense in a way they never have before.

And yet, potentially overshadowing all of that for longtime fans is the return of Terrell Suggs.

The outspoken linebacker enjoyed a legendary career in Baltimore, setting countless team records for pass rushing, making seven Pro Bowls and winning NFL Defensive Player of the Year in 2011.

Along with Ray Lewis, Ed Reed and Jonathan Ogden, Suggs fills out one of the more impressive franchise Mount Rushmores in the NFL.

For the first time ever, Suggs is wearing a professional jersey not colored purple. He returned to the West Coast this offseason, signing a one-year deal with the Cardinals, who come to M&T Bank Stadium on Sunday.

Suggs was asked what was going through his mind as he prepared to face the Ravens for the first time in his long career.

“Just last night I was watching Bridge of Spies, and they [were] like ‘How would I know if you’re alright?’ Suggs told reporters. “He was like ‘If I’m embraced like a brother or am I just [shown] the back seat?’”

It’s hard to imagine fans in Baltimore giving Suggs anything other than a warm welcome and standing ovation upon his return. Current Ravens who played with the pass rusher, of which there are plenty, are sure to embrace him as well.


Of course, that doesn’t mean either side plans to take it easy.

“I think we’re all clear that for three hours Sunday, I am their opponent,” Suggs emphasized. “They are my opponent. They’re going to try to win, I’m going to try to win. After the game, we’ll see if I’m showed the back seat or embraced as a brother. We’ll see.”

The Cardinals-Ravens game was something Suggs looked for immediately when the 2019 schedule was released, and he didn’t have to go far down the page to find it.

“When it came out Week 2, I was very uncertain on where it was, and then you saw the ‘at,’ and then I saw they were going to be at Miami the week before,” he explained. “So then I was like, ‘Oh their home opener?’ The NFL, they really are clever. But I mean like I said it’s a good storyline, fun, and we’re going to see what it is. We’re going to see what happens.”

It does remain to be seen what happens Sunday, but either way, their reunion is yet another compelling storyline in a week chock full of them.