Titans sing 'Seven Nation Army' after OT win in Baltimore


The Titans didn't need any extra motivation coming into Baltimore Sunday afternoon in a clash between two 6-3 AFC playoff contenders.

Still, if you ask them, the Ravens gave them another push during pregame. Star wideout A.J. Brown told NFL Network after the game that the Ravens coaches "came at" the Titans at midfield. And the Ravens antagonizing the Titans was enough to get their blood boiling.

According to Mike Garafolo, the Titans remembered that "slight" all the way through the game, and after Derrick Henry's game-winning touchdown run in overtime, they responded with a little pettiness of their own, singing "Seven Nation Army," a song always played during Ravens games and often hummed by its fans.

The Ravens looked the other way during this instead of getting lulled into another skirmish after an already chippy game. After the Titans have upset the Ravens twice on their own turf in 2020, the two teams have plenty of bad blood.

A few more games like this one, with a few more perceived slights, and the Titans and Ravens may close to returning to their status as bitter AFC Central rivals.