Torrey Smith says Ravens won't overlook Washington


In almost every way, the Baltimore Ravens Week 4 matchup with the Washington Football Team seems like an easy win. The Ravens have more experience, more talent, and have had more success in recent years. One team is a Super Bowl contender and the other is working through countless growing pains.

Yet, in the NFL, those one-sided looking games are difficult for the heavy favorites. Often these are referred to as a "trap game" where a team that doesn't seem to pose a real challenge can do just that when the other thinks they have the win before even stepping on the field.

While Week 4 has all the makings of just that, former Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith doesn't see that happening. Not after Baltimore's Week 3 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

“No, especially after last week," Smith said on the podcast episode of Washington Football Talk coming Friday. "This is a game where you’re looking to go and you’re looking to dominate.”

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For those who need a recap of the Ravens last game, the team came into a Monday night matchup with the Chiefs hoping to prove that they were the top team in the AFC. They did the opposite.

A poor showing on offense and an inability to stop Patrick Mahomes -- or anyone else -- on defense left Baltimore with more questions than answers. It also left many doubting the team's ability to show up in big games and Lamar Jackson's arm talent.


So now in Week 4, the game against Washington has become the Ravens opportunity to quiet the outside noise and prove that last week was a fluke, not a trend.

“You’re embarrassed about what happened last week and people are questioning your offense," Smith said. "People are questioning the abilities of your MVP quarterback, people are questioning your defense.”

Washington may be struggling out the gate, but Smith also believes they could be a different team on Sunday. That's due to the Chiefs putting out a blueprint on what it takes to slow down the Ravens high-powered offense.

The defense will watch the tape and prepare to limit Jackson and company in the same way, meaning Baltimore will need to show that they can adjust and thrive against schemes that have given them fits so far.

“Also there’s a Washington team that’s watching film and is like ‘Hey, this team isn’t invincible. We have a plan, we have a way that we can get out and control them,'" Smith said.

“This is a defense that is going to be fired up and feel like, ‘Hey, if the Kansas City Chiefs can do it, we can do it,'" Smith said.

The former wide receiver also expects more from Dwayne Haskins, as a game against a top team is a chance for the young quarterback to rebound from a poor performance in Week 3.

No matter what way it's spun, Week 4 has big implications for the Ravens. They'll get the best shot from a Washington team that has a formula and every reason to compete. The game is also a chance for Baltimore to make sure the stigma from the Chiefs' loss doesn't continue to carry on.

With all that to play for, Smith feels there's no need to look anywhere past Sunday for the Ravens. That's bad news for Washington.