Twitter wasn't convinced 'cramps' forced Lamar into locker room


Lamar Jackson rushed into the locker room during the second half of the Ravens' game against the Cleveland Browns due to possible "cramps," ESPN's Monday Night Football broadcast announced. 

Jackson told ESPN postgame he was in fact treating cramps in that locker room. Still, that didn't stop others from wondering otherwise. 

Well, some Twitter users such as one former Washington safety were not so sure.  

Emmanuel Acho provides some explanation. 

In your team's biggest game of the year after absolutely balling out in the first half, that isn't exactly the most opportune time to be jogging gingerly to the locker room like that. Twitter noticed. And reacted accordingly. 

You can even put a jingle to it. 

The viral footage became reminiscent of a certain NBA star's similar mishap

In what was Jackson's best rushing performance of the season, it turned out the running game could sideline him as well. 

Of course, Jackson recovered well and immediately hit Marquise "Hollywood" Brown on a pivotal fourth down to give Baltimore an important lead late. 

Though Robert Griffin III was not available to relieve Jackson while he was in the locker room due to his own hamstring injury that landed him on IR, he did find one of the better memes to post. 

Though it could end up coming out that this was a similar episode to one Paul Pierce once had, it certainly had a better end to it - the game of the year in the NFL.