WATCH: Top 10 Ravens plays against the Steelers


When you're part of a rivalry as consistently close as the Ravens and Steelers, you're bound to have a few plays stick out more than others. The Ravens have butted heads with their counterparts in Pittsburgh for a few decades now, and ahead of their next clash, the Ravens compiled a list of the top 10 plays in the history of the rivalry.

You won't find any Steelers touchdowns or celebrations here. This list is all about what the Ravens have done against the black and gold.

Interestingly, the team's rankings tend to skew older. Six of the 10 plays selected came in 2005 or earlier, with only three coming in the last 10 years - and none since 2016.

All but one of the plays resulted in a touchdown, with Terrell Suggs' diving interception off a tipped ball in 2005 the only non-scoring play. For a rivalry defined by defensive standouts, only three of the 10 plays were on that side of the ball, while the offense had six plays (Jacoby Jones made a special teams appearance).

Every one of these plays is memorable for their own reasons. And it won't be a surprise if the Ravens have a few new candidates for plays to add to the rankings after Sunday's game is done.