WATCH: John Harbaugh reacts to Tyre Phillips' big run against Jaguars


When Ravens rookie offensive lineman Tyre Phillips picked up Lamar Jackson's fumble deep in their own territory against the Jaguars on Sunday, most fans were pretty nervous about what was about to happen. 300-pound linemen aren't typically the most secure runners with the football, and of course, they aren't exactly known for their speed either.

Then, as Phillips rumbled his way through multiple defenders, gaining enough yardage for a big first down - emphasis on "big" - fans in Baltimore went from scared to elated.

As it turns out, Ravens head coach John Harbaugh went through a similar gamut of emotions watching from the sideline.

"Put it away!" Harbaugh yelled from afar, as he watched Phillips pick up the loose football. Then, a few seconds later, "...oh my God."

Harbaugh was in so much awe that he couldn't help talking to everybody around him about the play, and how unbelievable it was. He even gushed about with a few Jacksonville players.

"That's a lot of running for an O-lineman," Harbaugh said to a group of Jaguars on the field during a stoppage in play. "Goodness gracious. I've never seen a play like that in my life. That's a first, brother."

Harbaugh's shock is cut between clips of Ravens players and coaches losing their minds on the sideline, laughing hysterically as they witness something they have never seen before.

The Ravens are probably hoping never to see it again, as the play required a Lamar Jackson fumble to happen. And they have plenty of powerful running backs already, so you can be sure Phillips won't be worked into the rushing attack just yet.


But still, it's always fun for athletes to experience something they never have before. And now, Phillips has a story he can tell his friends and family about for the rest of his life.