Justin Tucker tries to raise 'Madden' rating with 67-yard FG


Obviously, a 98 rating on Madden is nothing to sneeze at for most players. But for Justin Tucker, it means one thing: disrespect.

Somehow, the popular video game franchise decided to keep the Ravens kicker at a 98, instead of a 99, in both kick accuracy and kick power. Which makes no sense to anyone who has ever watched Tucker kick in a game.

Tucker is the most accurate kicker in NFL history, the only player to make at least 90% of his career field goals. He's also kicked one of the 22 total field goals to be made in NFL history over 60 yards -- his 61-yard kick in Detroit with time expiring won the Ravens the game.

Sounds like both accuracy and power.

By most statistical measures, the only case against Tucker as the literal greatest kicker in NFL history is longevity, something he's getting closer to every year. And yet, somehow, Madden kept him from the highest possible rating.

On Bleacher Report's Underrated series, this was explained as something that is "reserved for amazing achievements." There was no explanation for why Tucker's jaw-dropping career to date qualifies as anything other than amazing.

"I know I'm a 98 kick power and kick accuracy," Tucker said. "That's what I feel like is completely disrespectful, and we've got to do something about that."

So Tucker gave it his best shot, and delivered.

The kicker was asked to kick consecutive field goals, starting with 61 yards, and increasing every time he made a kick. He easily made his first three, and then felt so good he skipped ahead to 65 yards -- which would be an NFL record if done in a game.


He unsurprisingly made the 65-yarder with ease, and then jumped straight to 67 yards. After hitting the crossbar on his first attempt, Tucker appeared ready to give up, but then found a new fire and set up for another try. 

Spoiler alert: he nailed it.

For his efforts Madden ultimately agreed to raise his kick power rating to 99, making him one of two players in the NFL with a 99 in the category. His kick accuracy remained at 98, but he has a comfortable lead, with only one other player even above 91.

While everyone watching was understandably wowed by Tucker's performance, he was his own worst critic.

"I'm just pissed off it took me so long," Tucker said after making the 67-yarder. "I'm just a guy who kicks a ball, man."

Whether it's lining up for a kick late in a postseason game or with his own personal ratings on the line, Tucker was clear about one more thing: "We're always feeling confident."