WATCH: Lamar Jackson breaks off career-long touchdown run


Through three weeks of the NFL season, one thing was missing from Lamar Jackson's game: a long, explosive run where the defense is left in the dust.

Fear not, the wait is over.

In the second quarter of Baltimore's contest against the Washington Football Team, Jackson broke through the defense for a 50-yard score to put Baltimore on top 14-0.

The run was classic Jackson, as it had become a common sight during his 2019 MVP campaign. If anyone is thinking that this isn't even that special anymore, that's wrong because Jackson actually outdid himself on the play.

The 50-yard scamper was the longest of the quarterback's career, so while it didn't have any insane jukes, it was still yet another piece of history for Jackson. 

It is also the longest run by a quarterback in 2020. New York Jets passer Sam Darnold held the record after he had a 46-yard touchdown run on Thursday night, in which he was compared to Jackson. Yet, his time at the top only lasted a few days.

Sorry Sam, but that's what happens when Jackson takes the field. At any moment, Lamar is going to Lamar.