WATCH: Lamar Jackson fakes out 2 Eagles, finds Nick Boyle for TD


Lamar Jackson is really difficult to tackle. 

The Philadelphia Eagles defense found that out the hard way in the Ravens opening drive of Week 6 on Sunday, as Jackson rolled out to his right and evaded two pass rushers before finding his wide open tight end for the game's first six points. 

Just incredible. 

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Baltimore tight end Nick Boyle acted like he was a part of the blocking game at first, then found the open seam so his quarterback could get it to him. What was more impressive, however, was the borderline disrespectful manner in which Jackson got Boyle the ball. 

Philadelphia had Jackson cornered on the sideline, but the 2019 NFL unanimous MVP showed his nasty change of direction. Both linebackers Brandon Graham and Alex Singleton were unable to deal with Jackson's unbelievable agility. 

He only needs a window of space, but if it's not there...well, he'll create it on his own.